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Apps for Artists is a set of tools that helps artists be organized, save time, grow their fanbase, and make money. This growing collection of apps makes stuff like marketing, community building, and sales easier. And because the tools are adjustable and flexible, artists can model them to their own specific needs and style.


This is the site where we will publish videos about how to adjust our apps to your own needs.

Apps for Artists is built with Glide. So what you buy is a template that you can change to your own needs. You can change the content, you can change the structure, you can add or delete the elements you need or don't need. We will show you how to do that here. Work in progress, videos will follow!

outside | stay connected

Bundle all your essential information so press and other relations have easy access whenever they need it.

Video will follow!

It only takes minutes to release a sales app for a new release or event.

Video will follow!

Work on a steady source of income with your own community-app with unique content for your free and paying fans.

Video will follow!

INSIDE | getting things done

All the relevant information about your tour always and everywhere at your fingertips.

Video will follow!

Streamline your processes while making an album. From demo to master, from music to art, from idea to release.

Video will follow!

Keep artist(s), management, label, promotor and more up to date with the information and communication that is necessary to them.

Video will follow!


Apps for Artists is live NOW!

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